Happy Friday boys and girls! Let’s get started and go over some of the things that I’ve learned this week.

1) The Universe doesn’t want me to grow up. This is clear now. I mean, why else would there be so many things from my childhood coming back in one form or another? There are cartoons, live action shows, movies, you name it. For example, I read 2 articles this week about new versions of things from my childhood coming back to life.

That’s right, Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? is coming back via Netflix in 2019 and DuckTales returns later this year. See, the Universe won’t let me grow up! But hey, I’m not arguing.

2) Yes, this could be considered part of #1 as well, but I wanted to give it it’s own line – The X-Files is coming back for another limited run! This time, FOX will air 10 episodes instead of just 6. Look for it to start later this year!

3) The HBO show, “Big Little Lies” is darn good! Wow. It has an all star cast, and they all just bring it.

4) The first banner ad on the Internet was for AT&T and it is so 1994
5) Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin, is becoming a star in his own right. These visits to “The Tonight Show” are quickly becoming must-watch TV for me.
That’s all I got for now folks! Have a great weekend!