It was just like any other Sunday, except that it wasn’t. This is the last Sunday of the month. The Sunday after Thanksgiving. The Sunday that saw us embark on a showboat.

The General Jackson is a Showboat here in Nashville, one of those old fashioned steam powered paddle boats. Not unlike the kind the wife and I had the pleasure of staying on a couple of years ago during Christmas. That trip was on the Mississippi, from New Orleans to Memphis. This one was a about a couple of hours, and just on the Cumberland River.

The scenery outside the windows as the boat made its way down the river didn’t seem the change much. But, then again I wasn’t paying that close attention, because I was busy singing along to the entertainment.

We embarked around noon, and after a light meal was served and devoured, the cast took the stage and started singing Christmas songs!! Yes!!!

It was their Christmas Traditions show, and from start to finish, I was smiling like a big kid. Granted, I wasn’t the only one, but I was in love with the music and performance and enjoyed every moment of it. There was a small kid in the audience (up front) that fell asleep in his chair, amidst all the music! One of the performers just pointed and smirked upon seeing the kid, but never broke and didn’t look like he was upset at all.

It was truly a lot of fun, and an enjoyable experience. If you are not keen on spending a whole week on one of these boats for a cruise, you can get a good taste of it here in Nashville on the General Jackson Showboat!

Google Photos Album – of our time on the General Jackson Showboat!