I just finished the Sherlock finale. I ended up buying the episode on Amazon because my dvr didn’t record it and I didn’t want to wait until next week when the episode airs again. Now I feel guilty and may have to donate some funds to PBS. But, that will only happen after I recover from the finale.


This episode was just all over the place. I mean, yes, it focused on the existence of Euros Holmes, sister to Sherlock and Mycroft. But, there was so much packed into this episode to chew off and digest that I just don’t know where to begin.

So, I’m not a professional reviewer and therefore I am not beholden to any set format or style of approaching this. Thus, I’m going to dive right in. I’ve let the episode sit inside my brain overnight and most of the day, and here is what I can recall after only one viewing thus far.

We start with a girl on a plane that reminds me of a previous episode where everyone on the plane is dead. The catch this time being, the little girl isn’t. She hears a phone ring and goes to it, answers it, and it is James Moriarty.

Oh yes, Moriarty is in this episode. Albeit primarily in flashback form, his presence in this episode takes it up like 5 notches. How he is involved is a rather weak plot point that I feel was put in there to just try and wrap things up in a nice and neat bow. Still, I’m not going to complain.

Back to the sister, who, might I add, is a bone fide whack job. I mean, wow. I thought the portrayal of Sherlock in this series was initially done in such a way to make him seem almost evil to the outside world, but this woman takes the cake. As the episode progresses you come to learn more about how far she will go to break Sherlock.

You will come to find out what she already did to warrant her stay in the worlds most isolated prison, how she killed Redbeard, what Redbeard is, and how cute Sherlock was as a kid.  This woman was jacked up from day one. Which, during those flashback sequences, you can tell because of the young actress who did a fantastic job of conveying her craziness. The unexpected perk of those flashbacks was seeing the chubby Mycroft.

Anyway, the episode progresses at a fairly decent pace. So much so that I didn’t feel like much time had passed as we approached the end. But, that ending was so jarring, that it ripped me right out of the illusion and into reality. I say ‘jarring’, because that is the right word, but I don’t use it in a good context. I was disappointed by the ending because I couldn’t rationalize what I was seeing, with what I had watched up to that point.

As a viewer, I was left to believe that their sister went through all that trouble just to end up back where Redbeard died, stuck inside her old room, waiting for Sherlock to play with her?! What are you talking about?! I mean, I get it if I’m not fully grasping what the writers wanted me to walk away knowing, but they have to take part of the blame for going down this road where I cannot follow. I’ve followed plenty over these four seasons, but this is the first one where I felt truly dumb and out of the loop.

Does this sour me on the rest of the series, absolutely not. I still enjoy every other episode just the same. I love this series, and will continue to do so.