My recent move from LA to Nashville has left me with some time on my hands to catch up on some of the films that I’ve been wanting to watch. After relocating, I was supposed to have been approved for a space in the company’s building, but that has not happened yet. So, I’ve been working from home, and therefore, I don’t have to worry about commuting. This allows me the opportunity to watch movies right after work hours, and to stay up a little later as well. Let’s get started!

I was expecting to like “Arrival” more than I did, whereas “Passengers” delivered as expected!

First, “Arrival.” I had a sense of what I was in for from the trailer and the general buzz around town. It was going to be a well done, well told story of first contact. Amy Adams was going to deliver a great performance and I was going to see why she would be considered for an Oscar. That didn’t happen. Instead, I found myself wondering why such a story would get so much attention. The film was well done, and it looked really nice, but I was not all that impressed with the story or the acting to the point that I felt like it deserved the level of praise it received. It is worth checking out if you like sci-fi films that are not science heavy, but do make it so you have to pay attention and follow along.

Secondly, we have “Passengers.” A much different film that felt like it came out around the same time and may have suffered for it. Whenever there are two “sci fi” films released so close together, the audiences are not too inclined to give both a fair shot, and one will usually win. The one that gets the most hype. That’s unfortunate, because I really enjoyed what “Passengers” had to offer. It had the right cast to suit it’s needs. Trying to imagine another actor doing what Chris Pratt did is difficult. He has really impressed me, yet again, with the range he shows in this film. Jennifer Lawrence is flawless, and Michael Sheen is just great. I could watch Sheen do almost anything, he is just that good in my mind.

Now, that being said, the one thing both of these films have in common is my slight disappointment in their respective endings. For me, and again, this is for both of them, I felt like I deserved more closure. I invested my time into these characters and the journey that they took me on, but I was expecting to see, or get, a bit more out of the ending. I was left unsatisfied. They each ended their story in a way that a little surprising. One more than the other. But, it doesn’t change my feeling of wishing I got more out of it. In both cases. I guess there were some questions, as there always are, that I felt were unresolved or not even addressed, that a normal person would just arrive at and be left with.

I recommend checking out both of these films, I truly do. Not on the same night, and probably not even on the same weekend. But, please, check them out and let me know what you think. I always enjoy hearing what others thought because sometimes, a different point of view can help me appreciate something I may have overlooked.