I’ve been in Nashville for over a year now, and only once before have we had a serious threat about tornadoes. Well, the other day, we were under a tornado watch. Which is the level below a warning. But honestly, it doesn’t seem what you call it, I still don’t know what to do.

The wife and I purchased a weather radio earlier this year, after being told that we should. Turns out, it is a good idea if you live anywhere where there is a chance for sever weather.

The weather radio is designed to pick up a short range transmission from the weather service that is constantly broadcasting. Then, in times of severe weather, a special tone is sent that the weather radio picks up on, and well, alerts you. Our radio does this by blaring a loud siren noise and repeatedly flashing the LED light. It does so for a full minute if you don’t turn it off.
The other night that weather radio emitted the siren noise. At 1:24am, only 1 hour after I had gone to bed. Naturally, I was jarred awake and ran for the radio that was across the room. I disabled the noise and that was the last smart thing I did.
See, the radio is new, and frankly, I am new to this whole thing. On top of that, I was jolted awake suddenly while I was in some stage of sleep. I had no wherewithal whatsoever on what to do!
When you disable the siren noise, it automatically switches to the broadcast of that short range transmission I told you about, and you are supposed to listen for what the threat is and how close it is. Not this guy. I heard words, but they were not making sense and I ignored them.
Instead, my dumbass goes to the window, looking out at the beautiful lightning display taking place. I decide to take a video. “Cool” I thought to myself. Then I looked around, it didn’t look like there was any wind or rain, so I said, “meh” and made my way back to bed.
The wife was of course woken up by all this, and clearly trying to understand what information I got from the radio. She had to tell me this later as at the time, the words she was speaking really didn’t make any sense and I just brushed them off so I could get back to sleep.
It’s a good thing it turned out there was nothing more serious tied to that alert. I failed tornado warning 101, and instead, like an idiot, took a video of some cool lightning at 1:30 in the morning. Yeah, so, enjoy the video and my stupid-assed-ness.