As of late, I find myself clicking on links to articles that promise to tell me what is going on with people from my past. Not people that I know personally, more like celebrities, to use the term loosely. For example, take the two pictured here. They popped up on a site that I frequent. You’ve got Tom from Myspace, and the Dell guy. Come on, tell me you wouldn’t click on those links if you saw them! I know you wouldn’t. That’s why I’m the sucker.

Usually I find that I’m disappointed by the article. It can be something as simple as “they left Hollywood and opened a gas station in the middle of nowhere” and yeah, well, I didn’t need to know that. Thanks.

But then, there are some stories where you feel better after reading it. In the case of the Dell dude, his name is Ben Curtis, I genuinely feel happy for the guy. Granted, the commercials were getting on my nerves at the time they aired, but whatever, I’ve moved on. Read what happened to him here, What ever happened to the ‘Dell Dude’ Ben Curtis? on the website.

Funny enough, speaking of Fox News, that takes us to our next subject, Tom Anderson. Tom is the guy, well, on of the guys, that gave us MySpace. I remember the huge payout News Corp shelled out for MySpace in 2005, it was $580 million.

It was staggering to me at the time to try and understand why News Corp would spend so much on something like MySpace. Of course, I didn’t have the vision to see that it could have become something like Facebook, but it didn’t. Instead, Facebook became Facebook, and MySpace became Myspace. And Tom, well, Tom’s story continued. You can read about on, in their article, Whatever happened to Tom from Myspace?

I will warn you know, it is not journalism at its best. I think there was minimal research done, in fact, maybe only 1 visit to Wikipedia and the rest is conjecture based on Tom’s current social media accounts. I can’t say for sure, but whatever. I clicked on it, because, that’s right, I’m a sucker.

I wonder if I’ll ever get one of those articles? Hey, it could happen, I’ve done stuff!