Look at that list of names, add to them, Jean Smart, John Lithgow, and well, okay, that’s all I can remember that stand out to me. Still, that is a solid lineup. Combined, they all deliver a very good film. It was entertaining and intriguing at the same time. In my opinion, definitely worth your time to watch and invest the 2 hours.

From the trailer you can tell what kind of movie it is, they make no secret about what you should expect when you sit down to watch this film. It is clear you are going to see a professional accountant who works for some bad people, who knows how to kick some ass too. Boom. There you have it.

Now, what makes this a good film, is the character backstory and the plot development. Granted, the plot is kind of weak, and was only put there to really serve as the vehicle of telling the main characters story. But, as far as weak plots go, it is not the worst I’ve ever seen.

Ben Affleck delivers a good performance. As soon as the film was over I turned to my wife and said, “I think it worked out so well because Ben didn’t really need to provide much emotion.” Which she immediately took as an insult to the great thespian. I quickly retracted and said no, no and clarified that I find the performances he excels at are those that don’t require much levity or joy from him. He does a very good job playing the somber, brooding type. It’s just the way he is built, and I’m okay with that. He knows what works for him and he embraces it. So be it.

Naturally, the rest of the cast turn in great supporting performances as well, they always deliver. Even though I found them to all be under utilized, I did appreciate the time they were on screen and what they brought to the table.

By the end, I didn’t feel like it was 2 hours that had passed. The pace felt just right to tell the story they were going for, and it didn’t feel too slow in any one particular spot. Could there be a sequel? Yes, of course. Should there be? No, I don’t think so.